Decisions, Decisions

So, I was thinking of picking up two or three items from WeLoveFine today, since they’re doing a “Cyber Monday” deal. Assuming I can actually complete a purchase (given all the traffic they’ve had today, that’s uncertain), I’m torn between which of the following I should go for. I’d welcome your opinions, here or on Twitter. Cheers. :)

Your Face! (designed by our very own @pixelkitties – congratulations again!)
Two Nights Only
Cloudsdale Weather (hoodie)
Cloudsdale Weather Factory
Celestial Royal Guard
Illusions Trixie
Sweet Apple Acres
Keep Calm and Canter On
Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark
Just Got 20% Cooler
Elements Harmony
Twilight Sparkle Cutie Mark

(As you can probably tell, I usually favor the more subtle designs, though there are a few obvious exceptions on that list.)

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